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    Other TTC Products

    Fairhaven Health offers a variety of products for trying-to-conceive couples beyond just ovulation prediction devices and fertility supplements.

      BabyDance Fertility Lubricant

      New! The only sperm-friendly fertility lubricant made without parabens and cleared by the FDA. Designed for couples who are trying-to-conceive, the patented formula is pH-matched to fertile cervical mucus and semen. Includes 6 sets of single use tubes and applicators.

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      IsoFresh Balancing Vaginal Gel

      IsoFresh Balancing Gel and Natural Douche Alternative

      Designed to eliminate feminine odor and support optimal vaginal pH balance, IsoFresh is the first isotonic and paraben-free vaginal gel available – a pure, simple and safe natural douche alternative, designed to work from the inside out.

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